Tommy Hyland

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Tommy Hyland  - Blackjack Hall of Fame

Tommy started playing blackjack professionally in 1978 while still in college. That was also the year he started his first informal "team." He's never looked back. For more than twenty-five years, he has been running the longest-lasting and most successful blackjack team in the history of the game. He and his teammates have played in casinos all over the U.S., Canada, and the world. He has used big player techniques, concealed computers (when they were legal), and had one of the most successful "ace location" teams ever. He has personally been barred, back-roomed, hand-cuffed, arrested, and even threatened with murder at gun-point by a casino owner he had beaten at the tables. Every year, the Hyland team players take millions of dollars out of the casinos. And even though Tommy has had his name and photo published in the notorious Griffin books more times than any other player in history, he continues to play and beat the games wherever legal blackjack games are offered. He has also fought for players' rights by battling the casinos in the courts.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Tommy is polite, soft-spoken, and always a gentleman. He is as loved by players as he is feared by the casinos. In an interview conducted by Richard Munchkin in 2001, Tommy said, "If someone told me I could make $10 million a year working for a casino, I wouldn't even consider it. It wouldn't take me five minutes to turn it down ... I don't like casinos. I don't like how they ruin people's lives. I don't think the employment they provide is a worthwhile thing for those people. They're taking people that could be contributing to society and making them do a job that has no redeeming social value."

Concept Car: Classic Car the golden age of american

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This is cool Concept Car: Classic Car the golden age of american, i like this image. what about you?
Concept Car: Classic Car the golden age of american Classic Car the golden age of america with drive girl

this image classic car the goleden age of america concept car. this car looks futuristic beautiful because this car drive girl.
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New Concept Car Audi ASQ Design

Car Wallpaper

This is cool New Concept Car Audi ASQ Design, i like this image. what about you?
This design concept car for audi is very modern car for future. because audi car make new concept name car is audi ASQ for future. The Audi ASQ concept is an advanced futuristic design created by Hongik University Transport Design graduate Juyoung Kim. The ASQ has been designed for the year 2040 and a world where the worst-case global warming predictions have materialized and the sea levels have risen dramatically due to the melting of the polar ice caps.

The Audi ASQ concept is equipped to deal with the rise in water levels due to its ability to travel both on land and water. It even has submersible capabilities. On land the ASQ uses an advanced form of Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive system which features four independent electric motors, one for each wheel. The front wheels are spherical in shape which helps to increase maneuverability. Once in the water the ASQ switches over to an aquatic version of the quattro drive system which uses water jet propulsion - similar to a jetski. Water jets positioned in the front, rear and sides mean the ASQ could move in any direction once underwater.

The interior of the Audi ASQ concept features three seats - instead of a more conventional four seat layout - in order to increase the overall space for the occupants. The feeling of space is however further enhanced through the use of a 100% transparent upper section of the cabin which incorporates a single piece windscreen, roof, and rear window and frameless side windows. The floor of the ASQ also features transparent panels to allow the occupants to see into the water below.

Powering the Audi ASQ is a hydrogen fueled engine which acts as a electrical generator. The electricity is used to supply power to batteries which in turn provide power to the four electric motors.
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