Gumpert Apollo Sport

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"It has always been a dream of mine," Roland Gumpert declares on his website, "to have a car that has so much downforce, such aerodynamic efficiency that you could drive on the roof of a tunnel at high speed--and this car can." We have to believe him, because Gumpert is the ex-competitions chief of Audi's Quattro division, and helped lead the four rings to the victories that got the Coupe Quattro
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Preview: Land Rover's baby SUV

Car Wallpaper
This is cool Preview: Land Rover"s baby SUV, i like this image. what about you?
Reports of a new entry-level model for Land Rover positioned below the Freelander have cropped up recently, and these latest renderings show what the new car-based SUV and its targa variant will most likely look like. In an interview with Autocar magazine, Land Rover managing director Matthew Taylor stated "we have to decide what a small Land Rover would be like, how it would be profitable and at
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