Concept car the helios lizard

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Kim Gu-Han of Universitat Dulsburg-Essen, Germany, wants to build a solar-powered car that can charge itself entirely from the sun. The problem is the limited space for photovoltaic panels on a car"s roof. The Helios overcomes that limitation by acting like a frill-neck lizard. When stationary, the off-road vehicle can unfurl a large set of photovoltaic cells to produce enough energy to run the car, with excess energy for home power. The Helios won Best Use of Technology category at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2008.
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2009 Ferrari 612 Car Best Picture

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2009 Ferrari 612 Front View2009 Ferrari 612 Front View

2009 Ferrari 612 Interior2009 Ferrari 612 Interior

2009 Ferrari 612 Side View2009 Ferrari 612 Side View

2009 Ferrari 612 Rear View2009 Ferrari 612 Rear View
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